Sunday, September 21, 2008


Can you believe that Nyla has been around for two whole months? It is kind of hard for me to, but at the same time, she really is growing up. She is a lot more like an infant, instead of being a newborn. Her face is rounding out and she is now smiling frequently. She is getting to be very expressive, both when smiling, but especially when she is sad. These pictures were taken today to show off her new leggings with the onsie that her aunt Chantelle gave her.

A bit of a side note, the stripped leggings she is wearing are called Baby Legs. We bought them yesterday and Alisa thinks they are SO cute that she had to put them on Nyla right away.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trudi Thomas Memorial 5K

Last Saturday JJ, Nyla, my mom and I completed a Memorial 5K race for my friend Trudi Thomas. Trudi was hit by a car while running in 2007. She was my roommate during grad school in 2004. The race raises money for a scholarship in Trudi's name at the University of Utah.

We walked the entire race and while we were not dead last, we were close! I am out of the 6-week post partum period and while I am cleared to run, I am in no condition to do so. Next year we'll run.

Here we are at Nyla's first race. Notice JJ shaved his goatee! Yeah!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nyla's Blessing Day

We blessed Nyla at church on August 31st. I wasn't too sure about the dress we were planning on having her wear. It was all knit and just looked kind of old fashioned, but once we put it on her, it looked really great.

Later I learned a little more about the history of this dress. Alisa's grandmother Deering made this dress for her older sister Chantelle when she was blessed. Alisa and both her sister's were blessed in this dress. Then both of Chantelle's daughters were also blessed in this dress. Nyla makes the sixth girl, and third great-granddaughter to be blessed in this dress.

Nyla did such a great job. She slept the whole time. Frequently babies will get a little fussy when 7 or 8 men gather around and all hold them as they are blessed. Nyla was completely out and didn't even notice.

The only bad thing about this dress was it was very easy for Nyla to get her fingers tangled up in it, what with all the ribbons and the knit pattern. It was a really great day, and for some reason it just makes things seem more official now that she has been named and blessed. We are just so happy to have her with us.