Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st Christmas and another first

I had lots of people ask us what we were getting Nyla for Christmas, and maybe Alisa and I are just bad parents, but we weren't planning on getting her anything. She is only 5 months old, and there is no way she will remember it. We also just buy her whatever she needs, so we figured we would hold off and then make sure we have some good stuff for next year. She did get a few presents from grandparents and cousins though.
She seemed much more interested in the paper. Her aunt Kris helped her open presents at my parents house while I took pictures.

Her Papa Ernie gave her a really cute stuffed dog that she has really been enjoying. Her Gramma Pat gave her a Peapod which is like a tiny tent for babies and Gramma Jill gave her a high chair. Mostly though, we asked for feeding supplies, like spoons and bibs.
It started a few weeks ago. I was holding her in my right arm and eating pizza with my left hand. Midway through that slice, she dove for it with her mouth wide open. She would watch us both as we ate and would sometimes move her mouth in a chewing motion. Then, on Christmas Eve at Alisa's mom's house, she kept grabbing my water bottle and trying to pull it to her mouth. She also tried that with a cookie I was eating. On Christmas day it was crackers and crab dip that she went after, as well as my can of soda. We did let her try drinking out of my water bottle, but did not share any of the other stuff.
Here she is anxiously awaiting the rice cereal Alisa was preparing while she sits in her new booster seat (from Gramma Jill) and wearing one of her new bibs (from Aunt Bre, more to come from Aunt Sonja).
We used the video camera for her first bite, which was a little awkward because she tried to grab the spoon, but once she realized we were giving her real food, the second spoonful was a lot easier.
She started looking at me after every bite to make sure I was watching. It was really cute.
It was really fun. She was really excited and she learned very quickly to open her mouth for the spoon AND she slept much longer between feedings last night. Hooray! What a great baby!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reading to Nyla

Nyla has just learned how to hold a book, turning the pages is another task entirely!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

JJ's Baby Tricks

JJ has been waiting a long time to be able to play with Nyla, you know really play with her. He knows she's not ready for tossing in the air and wrestling but he was very excited when he figured out this new trick. If you can't tell, JJ is balancing Nyla with one hand. Nyla seems to have fun with it too. I can only tolerate for a few minutes before I remind JJ that if he ever dropped her, I truly would never forgive him. :o)

Nyla's latest trick is shown below. One day we just found her getting her toes all the way to her mouth! She's 4 and a half months now and more fun than ever. This is the time of my life.

When do you stop being able to bend like that?