Sunday, April 12, 2009

House Update

The house is coming along pretty quickly now. This is a very good thing because we just moved into Alisa's mom's basement. Nothing against Pat, but we just would much rather be living in our own space, but we are really greatful to have her as a resource, plus, this gives Nyla a little more one on one time with Gramma.

So, this picture was taken after the hole for the foundation was dug.
This is after the footings had been poured and the frames were set up for the foundation.
Here the foundation has been poured and they are laying the plumbing before they pour the floor. (Our house will not have a basement because of the water table, so the plumbing has to be buried in the ground before they pour the floor)
The next time we came back they had already poured the floor and were framing the main floor. The first floor was framed in one day.
The next day they finished framing the second floor and now we are only waiting on the roof and the stairs for the framing to be complete.
This if looking from the back of the house to the front. You can see the small entry room as well as the archway to the main room. Through the framed in walls you can see out the garage. The diagonal 2x4 is where the stairs will be(of course the lack of stairs didn't keep me from climbing up and looking around the second floor.)
This is the view looking east out of our bathroom window. It will be nice to see sunrises on lazy weekend mornings.
And the last house picture for now is looking down the upstairs hall towards the master bedroom. It is so exciting!
As for living at Gramma's house, I think Nyla is enjoying it almost as much as Gramma's dog Molly.


  1. Yeah! I can't believe how fast your house is growing! When I walk by it changes so much each day. I am so excited for you all to be back in the hood! I think we need a Nyla & Addison play day!

  2. It is looking great! You'll be in in no time. Then we need to visit! P.S. The pics of Nyla are adorable. How fast they grow.

  3. sunrises on lazy weekend mornings?? wouldn't lazy imply you wouldn't see the sun rise?? :-) the house is looking great!!!

  4. How exciting!! It looks great. That must be so fun to see it all come together. :)

  5. So exciting :) I can't wait to be practically neighbors again!

  6. I LOVED building a house! It was so fun! And I couldn't believe how much bigger it looked after the sheetrock was on the frames.

  7. Wow! They are so fast! I can't believe how much is done already! I bet that is so fun to see it evolve.

    We hope to get together still one of these times. Sorry I've been so flaky!

  8. Wow, that is fast! It must be so cool to see your own house as it's being built. Nyla is getting so big, and she's just too cute! We miss you up this way!

  9. This is so exciting, I didn't know you had so many picture here, the window view is awesome! I can't wait for you guys! I am sure Molly likes this most of all! Keep the pictures coming!

  10. This is awesome! Alisa, we still need to go look at the townhomes...give me a call. Miss you guys!