Thursday, May 28, 2009

House Almost Done (Super long post, but mostly pictures. Sorry)

So, it has been a long time since we last updated so I figured I needed to post some pictures of the house. It is almost done and now just has some of the finishing touches before it is done. Here is the progression of the exterior of the house.

The lot after they first staked it.

The hole they dug for the foundation.

The footings with the forms for the rest of the foundation.

The foundation with backfill.

The first floor goes up. They delivered the walls already put together in sections, so they go up fast.

The second floor also was put up that day.

House with a roof!

Shingles, windows and doors.

Now it has the brick and the first layer of the stucco facade. (I skipped the picture with the weather wrapping, I hope nobody minds.)

Exterior with the color. I think I need to take another exterior picture because now it has most of the soffets and the garage door as well as the exterior lights. (The garage door is still white so I am guessing that they will be painting that soon.)

Ok, now just a couple of interior pictures. The kitchen is my favorite part.

Nyla is working on crawling and can now do it at the house now that they have laid the carpet.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Look at those cheeks!

This is 9-month old Nyla. She has this crazy, fuzzy-chicken-head hair that stands up like this no matter what I do. She can wave and clap and just got her first doll. She likes to hold the doll up by the throat and talk to her, then Nyla brings her down and sticks her fingeres in the doll's eye. It's a tender relationship :-)

The house is moving along really well. We are still on target for the end of June. Today they added the color to the front stucco.